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Word landscape is used primarily in two meanings. On the one hand, it refers to the culturally influenced, subjective perception of an area as aesthetic wholeness, on the other hand, especially in geography, it is used to designate an area that distinguishes itself from other areas by means of scientifically detectable characteristics (geographical landscape concept).

  The exploration of space focused strongly on a locus amoenus, ie on a place where certain objects, such as a tree or several trees, a meadow, a spring or a stream, in relational arrangement to each other, they are the Give viewers a sense of well-being and the freshness of existence.

Digitale Porträts


A head portrait means going for a walk in a complicated landscape. All parts of the head have to be seen in a relation and never the nose, the ear or the eye alone are considered. Everything is related to each other. No part is detectable alone.

Abstrakt -


Expressionism is a style of visual art, which emerged as an artistic movement in the early 20th century within the German-speaking world for the first time in painting and graphics by that explicit naming. In the Expressionist sculptures, the free use of color and form in frequent use of unmixed colors and in German-speaking countries the use of woodcut-like forms emerge. Further characteristics are a reduction of the motif to striking form elements of the picture objects and a dissolution of the traditional perspective.

Abstract art is a collective term for 20th-century art movements that appeared after 1900. She uses the pictorial design tools.
The description of moments of art that do not submit to a mimetic object reference - a norm formulated historically especially for the fine arts, which can be referenced, if at all, only with considerable restrictions - as an abstraction is only one possible perspective, which also differentiates the self-understanding Currents of art history contradict.


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